Tuesday, August 10, 2004

sleep :: dream :: sleep :: dream

i didn't even notice that i didn't update for quite awhile till dee reminded me about it today. guess i value my sleeps more than anything else. feel sorry for those who can't sleep..... (or think that you can't sleep) hah! ok, shouldn't go there. but you will get tired of that as well... may take some years to realise. hah... just like me... but i should stop it here.
but speaking of which. getting to sleep is one thing i realise, having complete rest during sleep is another. i bet everyone knows that we all need 8 hours of sleep. somehow it works out to something like, for the first 6 hours, you get only physical rest. then last 2 hours, u'll get both physical and mental rest.... i don't have the exact medical terms. but anyways.... that's for normal ppl. and that's for if you sleep at night. dunno if it's relavent for ppl who sleeps in the day. but past few weeks, i don't seem to be able to clock in the mental rest... my mind was working throughout the whole time. ( i think it's a good time to tell me *john, can u stop dreaming?*
but it's horrible, every morning just feels like i only slept for 4 hours or so, when i actually did clock in 8 hours of sleep. this is crazy!? and it's very clear, my mind goes into dream mode, and most of the time, i can recall those dreams, and they are mostly what i talked or thought about during the day.
dee and i have been trying ways to cope with it... starting with having 92.4FM (Classical Music) as our favourite radio station... i think it helped alittle thus far... haha... it stops transmittion at midnight, which is a good indication to go to bed... hur hur...

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