Friday, March 18, 2005

false alarm

well, for some of you who does know and for the rest of you who didn't.
wasn't feeling well a couple of days ago, some chest pains and feeling totally uncomfortable, i headed to the A&E and singapore general hospital on wednesday.
the doctor, well went thru some test, got me to wait there for about 4hours, and told me there was nothing wrong with my ECG reading, nothing wrong with the X-ray, nothing wrong with my blood, and the pain must have been some muscle strain.

well, now, thinking back, it could have been the other way around. thoughts were like just gushing into my head....
1) i won't be sitting here adding in this post.
2) i wouldn't be able to play at the gig just now at Rouge.
3) I could have set off many ppl into a period of chaotic adjustments (especially Dee)
4) i prolly have died in an operation.

so much for entertaining those thoughts...
but as for now, I could only thank God for His mercy.......

1 comment:

invisg0th said...

praise god that ure well..

ure in good hands :)