Monday, May 01, 2006

Project green grass

there's this saying that the grass is always greener on the other side.
how true....
everyday, we have to deal with significance issue, confidence.... sometimes, i wish we can all just dance and be happy.
yesterday at *scape... the current youth park, half way thru the day. as I ponder throu my thoughts, i bumped d into this man. he's tall, dark... well, he's indian, with a familiar smile. runs a half way house of ex-addicts. he's non other than Rev Sam Kuna . well, he's a familiar figure in the community. I have not really worked with him, apart from the connections he and glenn(my boss) has. did a couple of anti drug programs in the past few years. i do not really know him. but somehow, there's a prompting in my heart that he too had played a big part in my life.
well, green grass is a story about a man, whom I met in a club 6 years ago.... who's also the man whom Rev Sam helped out 12 years ago. I was thinking what a amazing thing Jesus has done for me.
if not for what Rev Sam has done. there really wasn't any chance i I will be playing at the show last nite. there probably won't be such a show. well, if Jesus hasn't died on the cross 2000+ years ago.... i guess all this wouldn't happen at all... t some assumptions would be that there could be 10000 more religions in this world. and 10 times more prone to war in the world. the world who had died killing itself.
well, i just have to share this as it's just so amazing and infectious. The love of Christ, brings forth the hope of Glory.



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amen. :) God is good hey. HE is.