Monday, February 26, 2007

Aim for your life

i was posted this question at a visit to my aunt's place by her husband.
i know he has been drinking... alittle too much i suppose... yet i was proceed to clarify his question. but after awhile, i know, he's gone... just semi-drunk... and he's just out to give me a word of advice.
well, i basically told him that i aim to prosper in my family life. my relationship with Dee and my children. that Family is a very important point (not source) of my motivation of what i do. of course steered and directed by my faith, in this case, my faith in Christ Jesus.
then he intruded with a unsatisfied look on his face almost telling me, i miss his question. he added with "yes, i know family is important, but that's family...."
i proceed to explain my perspective of my aim for life, not before long, he intruded me again and posted me with another question....
"who doesn't wanna be a billionaire...?, not just a millionaire... but billion... so my advice to you is, you have to work hard, that's what i'm asking you...."
I look at him with a smile, and answered, well, i can't answer that question...
my assumption at that point of time is that, there are people who are, who are going to be, who wants to be, who dreams to be and also who don't even dare think about it....
then i thought to myself, did anyone ever thought about the need to? would i be a fool to even ask myself, "Do I need to be a billionaire?" maybe that's a billionaire's question.. haha...
then coming back to his advice... i thought he was also saying, "if you wanna be somebody, you gotta work hard" I thought not exactly so. but what i do believe is that everyone is borned to be somebody. working hard... well, unless you put it against being lazy.. then yeah sure, no doubt about that. yet, work hard to be someone?

i know this is totally an area contending for different views, but since you have read this far, indulge me alittle. sometimes, i look at myself, i may not be financially rich, yet i might be rich in other aspect of my life, my relationships, my ideas, my dreams. to me, those are my bank accounts. i can invest from there.

my point here is that we don't exactly need to work hard to be someone.
rather we work hard and work to the best based on who we already are.
trying to be someone or somebody else apart from who you already are...
is just going to put you in some sorta pursuit.... for whatever it
maybe... but if we ourselves don't even believe in ourselves on where
we start off from... what's there to work on?
let's face it, millionaire or not, the problems are similar. the difference is probably if you go to raffles hospital or polyclinic. the remedy is still relatively the same. families are still disfunctional throughout the world, abortion rate rising... blah blah blah...

thus, i'm not really sure if working hard to be a billionaire is worth it... to me, at this age of 31, i guess i'm quite happy putting a bulk of my investment in my family. i don't really need to be super rich in cash... but i do know my investment on my relationship with my love ones is going to rip me a better harvest...


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