Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Funeral For A Friend

i was at the hospital all day today. a close family friend passed away after a few days of coma. it's one thing to watch TV shows to see the HR monitor stop and another to see the real thing... i'm glad he's out of that pain.

well, I hope to dedicate this post to Brian (the deceased). He was the one that as a teenager I was really proud of. my dad use to drop me and Gerald (one of my pals from my first band) at Brian's place, and we will spend a whole day at his place just digging thru his collection of records and CDs, play his guitars, and also be mesmerised with his knowledge of bands from the past, from the Beatles, to the Grateful Dead, to Genesis, to YES, to John mayor, Clapton, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix... we also get to see so many rare LPs.. the beautiful artwork and his collection of box sets. all this, in a special music room in his house. well, he's not only an old timer, he was growing with the times as well, he has most of the Guns and Roses CDs, U2, the latest whatever... he's a true avid fan of music.
As I was at his place just now, sorting out all the administrative things for his funeral, i went back into the room that was filled with so much nostalgia that i could actually remember where we were sitting, jamming to the records... where the light peeps thru the curtain from a window that leads to the roof top bonzai garden. he's also a lover of cats. he managed to save a few strays outside his house.

anyways, Brian, you will always be remembered. much love from the Chiong family.

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