Sunday, July 22, 2007


It's been quite a while since we talked. haha.. (this came from "Finding Nemo") i guess i've watched it too much.

anyways, i've been down with an eyelid infection (for a week already). so, been at home. reading quite abit. and also finding therapeutic things to do. thus, this are just maybe some of the things i've done and i thought i'm actually quite proud to share.

1) Baking!
well, as the pictures suggest... yes, inspired by Jamie Oliver, dee and I decided to just try out the bread that he baked. hahaha... well, we had loads of fun, from making the dough and all that, putting in the chocolate and also the walnut and bananas... i must say, i'm super proud of ourselves. haha... and it's delicious.

2) Rubik
yes, i spent 2 days figuring out the rubik's cube (well, with the help of some websites). it's quite fun after awhile. it's so mathematical, i read from some website, this fella solved it in just 16secs or something. haha. and he did a 28secs record with just one hand. it's just crazy, i guess i'm ok with my 15mins. hahaha...

3) Read.
i've also been reading. it's just so amazing how i suddenly like wanna read. hahaha.. i must say, I think i read like 10 times more in the last 3 years compared to my first 29 years. hahaha...

4) Shopping
well, just bought a watch a week ago, just to reward myself. it's a LED watch, retro looking. just need to adjust the metal strap. i'll probably post a picture of it in a later post. a few things i love to collect, but just taking my time. watches and plastic cameras. and i know why i'm taking my time, because i'm just that super picky about it. this LED watch (like quite alot of my other purchases) i think i spent about 6 months just to consider.... but i thought it was great because i think due to the US$ exchange rate, i think i saved abit more than 6 months ago. hehehe.. :)

anyways, i can't wait till tomorrow, dee and I are going to just do some "supermarketing" to buy ingredients for baking more bread. haha... I'll be heading into my planning retreat this coming tuesday till thursday. so, i guess the couple of us can enjoy some healthy snacks. hahaha...

on other more exciting news. I actually lost 13kg in the past 5 months. woohoo!!

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