Saturday, August 11, 2007

and more amps... part 2

here's more of the damn class looking ones...

1. Electrosonic Thermosonic
A compact, Single-Ended Class A 1-10 combo amplifier
(very The Jetsons looking)

2. Emery Sound Superbaby
The Superbaby ships stock with a 5Y3 rectifier, 6L6GC or EL34 output tube, and a selected current production 12AX7.

3. Fuchs Train 45
35 watts clean 45 watts peak with EL-34/6CA7’s.
6v6’s provide approximately 22 watts of power.

there are a whole lot more... you can use this link which links you to a links page to go search if you are interested....

honestly, it's just fun doing this research, i'm actually getting back into finding more werid things... i think i'll do another post on some of this very interesting sites... hur hur

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