Saturday, September 22, 2007


it's finally here today. waited so long. vpost got it delivered to church today. i straight away got to on stage as i was playing 2nd guitars for Sonic Edge band today.

i love it! finally an amplifier the SWART Space Tone.... 5W only!
sweet breaking up of the power tube... gives a very nice power tube overdrive.
but i had to still bring it down to vloume 2 on stage today... but it was ok...

I was using
Gibson Jimmy Page Les Paul
Ibanez TS808
Goose Fuzz (i nicknamed it nemo as one of the main capacitor is orange with white stripes)
goose, cos goose made it... hehe
EH Small Stone
Boss DD-3

small little amp... big cutting thru sound....!!!!!

here's the specs
Tweed ST-6V6se Specifications
5W CLASS A ~ Even Order Harmonics - BIG TONE!
Single-Ended Output - Zero Negative Feedback
100% Tube Circuit - Valve Rectifier - No SS diodes!
3dB Feedback/Compression Switch
Point to Point Hand Wired Circuit
Cathode Biased (no need to bias)
Cloth Hook-Up Wire
JJ 12AX7 - EH 6V6GT - JJ 5Y3 Rectifier
Heaters referenced to ground
Swart Amplifiers employ Star Grounding
4 ohm 1/4" Out - Drive other Speaker/Cabinet
Switchcraft 1/4 inch input and output
CTS Potentiometers
Fuse Protected
Speaker: Weber Ceramic 8" ~ 4 ohm
Finger-Jointed Pine Cab ~ Beautiful Lacquered TWEED
Dimensions: 7 1/4 deep - 13 3/4 tall - 13 wide

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