Saturday, October 06, 2007

Working Out

I started working out again....!!

well, officially at a gym. i stopped since Feb I think, due to cost and also dee was still pregneant and in her 3rd trimester.
even tho i started jogging about a week ago, i woke up with my arms arching, and instead of jogging, i walked 45mins today.

it feels great everytime i work out. and it's interesting to see what's going on around Tiong Bahru between 6 to 6:45am. apart from the usual market deliveries, there are people lottering in the parks. then the usual people rushing to work i guess, and also people having breakfast.

anyways, i don't know how, but waking up between 5:30am to 6am everyday is definitely not the usual me. no matter what time i go to bed, it's just now normal to me that i wake up this early. a long day awaits me, and i think i'm all charged up and ready to attend my course at 9am this morning!!! baptism service tonight and yeah, Jesus, show me more of you today!

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