Saturday, August 23, 2008

i'm on the papers!!

well, not like photo or what... anyways, it's like causing some serious sms coming to me... some of my friends are like pissed off by the article. hahaha.. others are wondering how i feel... and some are like clueless... well, infact, most are... hahaha...

as for me, i'm just filled with so much joy, i care less... it's amazing enough to be mentioned again on the papers. it's actually not well written. in context, i suspect it has a good intend. yet, sometimes, when things get out of context and amplified, it just send things like to extremes... but i guess, i know, i'm important enough to be mentioned, and that's a good thing!! hah!! 

anyways, the whole week has been totally life transforming. my personal breakthrough was just so tremendous!! 
i started the week with a few goals. and one of them is to be the husband that excel to complement my wife for her sucess!!
i guess i score quite well, even tho i'm like exhausted by now... it didn't start off that smooth, but i guess it came when we were given an opportunity to paint together, and until now, i'm still excited about it... i'm so glad that happened. haha... so fun.. since then, i have been receiving messages, and/or people coming up to me to share with me how much the painting is speaking to them..... wow.. 

and even going deeper, God brought me into a part of my heart and unlocked a door. a door that leads me into a room that has all this musical instruments, cameras, and all those things i used to do... they were like buried... this painting experience really got me like recall so many things that i buried them with all this gifts. i need to re-arrange some things now... films should not be left loaded in the camera and not snapped... haha... i've got like 5 of them either loaded or half way thru... my guitars are all in the storeroom... i've not been even like creating anything... not to mention about using photoshop.. hahaha... dee and I bought some canvas and paint awhile ago, but they are still wrapped up... i guess it's time for some overhaul in our time management... hehehe... and i sense in my spirit a shift as well... wow.. i'm so..... sleepy by now... hahaha... 

and oh yes... on tuesday night... we had such a great session... the church was so ministered to... and i heard God asking me to lead the church into worship, and i'm like "what?! me?" it's like the moses "who am I" moment... but i did!! there was like this moment of silence, then i started singing... and after along time, there's like this slow swell of voices... and I believe the angels were also singing... even jennifer heard it... like there's this 4 part harmony going on... ARRGHHH!!!!!!!??!!! it's so good!!! 

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