Tuesday, November 04, 2008

what a trip

yeah for a great trip!

i've got a new heart! Yeah God!
i ran the other day and i clocked 6 mins faster than my usual time... haha.. woohoo!! Standard Chartered 10K run here i come... 

i've got new downloads from God. my journal is just so filled up, and it's continuing to come. last weekend, i've got words given me during worship and as i drew them, they were declared by the speakers... so that's amazing! 

i've got new vans shoes for Ethan!! hope to take some pictures of them soon. infact, most of the shoes we bought from our trip are vans. 2 for me, 3 for dee, 2 for Jodee and 2 for Ethan... hahaha.. Vans galore.. 

the most amazing take back actually is the time spent with the family. Dee, Jodee and I had a smashing time both in California and Tokyo... especially when we hit Disney Sea... you can see how fast jodee was running!!! that just bless my heart! God's so great! that's her birthday gift from Daddy God. i mean, i wish i had something like that when i was younger... haha... but i think i enjoyed myself at Disney as well. the theatrical set up was amazing. the mood, the environment... brings you to another world totally... 

really miss my pals in Japan... hope to see them soon. they've got a new record out which just sounded superb... can't wait till it's released. 

wow... thanks for all who prayed for me. i really appreciate all of you for being there, with the messages and concerns... 

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