Thursday, May 02, 2002


it's been a long time since i cycled that much. The day started with Sham, Anne, Dee and myself reaching Changi Point at about noon, had our lunch, and came the rain. I was constantly prompting if we should have a plan B. having prepared snacks like Turket Ham, Chicken and Mushroom Ham, Black Pepper Ham and 8 wonderful hot dogs (Ramlee style) prepared by Anne. we sat in vein at the hawker centre. As the rain became just a slight drizzle. we decided to carry on with our plans and made our way over to Pulau Ubin. it was still drizzling when we negotiated the price for rental of the bikes and got them for $8/bike for about 4 hours. not too bad i thought. due to the rain, we had to put on a yellow translucent plastic raincoat which looked really huge for the gals and sham but just a nice fit for me......hahaha, and so, we cycled......and we approached the first up hill, i had to push the bike up. hahaha, such unhealthy side of me, proves that I lack so much exercise.

We reached Nordin Beach in just less then 10 mins. where we rested only to find out that we need to explore more of Ubin, so we set off 5 mins later going through about 8 other up slopes and down hill joy rides, ending ourselves at a campsite, where we rested longer, taking loads of Lomo, digicam shots and some normal cam shots. and soon it was time to head back to the village. and find it weird that we only spent about less than 10 mins to reach the main village. hahaha, when I called it a day, Dee and Anne wanted to cycle more and initially we set off round 2 only to find out that Dee's bike has some technical problems. so we ended our cycling experdition at about 5pm. took more photos at the village, headed back to mainland Singapore, and the rest of the day were spent at Ikea, Cuppage (for dinner, when dewi and wan joined us) and Chijmes (for coffee).

I must say, What A Day......or should it be, What a Holiday!?!...... I never enjoyed myself so much on a holiday before, like just nothing but do what ppl do on a holiday, had it planned and no work involved.Indeed, this May 1st is a great day for me......

Thanks Anne!

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