Wednesday, May 01, 2002

May Day

the past 2 days had been just mostly about slacking most of the time, just like, don't feel like working. but i still did. I was discussing about a holiday trip that i'm planning with Glenn, and he replied me with "You always say go there rest, but end up working". sheesh, am i such a workaholic? i know i'm lazy at times. like the past 2 days. no doubt i posted the pictures for the gigs that were rocking my world over the weekend. i dunno.

today is a public holiday, and we are going to Pulau Ubin! hahaha......meeting Sham and Anne at 11am at Changi Point. it's gonna be a sweaty day i think. Anne is preparing some hotdogs i think. that would be nice, i wonder what cold storage can offer me.....haha

The RTF photos didn't turn out too well from my SLR cam except for a few. can't wait to see Dewi's. YOU READ THIS?! hehe, WHEN CAN I SEE UR PHOTOS!?!

well, anyways, it's breakfast time, laterz.........

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