Saturday, September 07, 2002

Ah Beng

was one of the key sponsors of the "getai" at Macpherson Kopitiam tonight i believe, he keeps giving ang paos to the singers. hah! was invited by Boon to go check out his system that pumped out tunes from 60s to 80s, all mostly in mandarin or "hokkien". hehe, was sitting at the side of the stage, having a view of the audience, the crew members, the band, and the backstage ppl. dodgy indeed. wow, a chinese 7th month gig. hehehe

but was just amazed by the band that's playing, as the singers are running from show to show, these band fellas has no clue of what the singer wants to sing....... they have only 3 secs to recall the songs. that's at least how long the performer gave them. according to boon, they have 2000 over songs at the back of their head. that's quite amazing. but come to think about it, i dunno how long this culture's gonna last..... probably another 10 years? boon also adds that there's only 20 such bands left in Singapore. well, other funny part were like, main sponsor, some steamboat stall and some bbq chicken wing stall..... haha..... all from Macpherson Kopitiam. the main organising committee members were seated like judges in the front row. I believe the fee of the singers depends on themselves, and the so called judges will packed money into the Ang Bao and pass it to them. so if the performer sings well, the bigger the ang bao.

well, that's so much of my trip to the "gig".

gonna be away for the weekend to, yeah, once again, sentosa.

the whole day was spent in pain, just hoping that the weekend will be a great retreat for me.

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