Sunday, September 08, 2002


for the last time.......

*wong* has no meaning
*wong* , i know it's not original
*wong*, i don't really care
*wong*, yeah, *wong* you
*wong* *vong*?

so much for that, i'm back from Sentosa. had a terrible night, couldn't sleep. woke up at 4am..... toss and turn, suddenly, i heard a voice....... *scary violin, *heeh**heeh**heeh**heeh**
it's just joe, in the midst of his sleepy and unconcious state, asking me, "why you haven sleep?"
for a moment, i tot it was *scary violin, *heeh**heeh**heeh**heeh**, something else.........*scray timpani *dong dong dong dong doooooonnnnngggggg**, but then, still tossing and turning..... ii manged to get back to my sleep at i think around 530?

guess, apart from all those dramatic sound effects and all, there's too much in my head. but we had a great time and encounter didn't we......


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