Sunday, June 15, 2003

lomo exhibtion : Alley Cat


15 - 20 JUNE 2003

hah! was at the "pte party" just now, was alittle late. due to work and all..... but when i was there, am please that the above snap which i have submitted was already sold(in this case, the term "adopted" is been used). which was quite cool. bumped into plastic ppl again... hah! just one..... anyways, met one of my ex-neighbour, he's been that naughty boy next door and i never thought that he is now the president of the ACRES (Animal Concerns Research & Education Society) quite cool..... all the best to him...

the other parts of the day

day's been hectic and long for me, was up since 0645hrs... went to the shop at 9am...... if u guys caught the band, Fruit, who's going to performing their last shows on sunday night (1930hrs and 2100hrs) at the Esplanade (Outdoor Theater)...... yeah, they came to jam... they will be there later again..... good easy going music..... u guys should go catch them... and moreover, it's free!
after that, the band who comes every week (who still doesn't have a vocalist) and they are getting pretty tight came...... then 59 minutes...... then Dyfectra! my goodness... Kahlid was just telling me they haven't jam for the longest time, and boy are they tight..... i have never enjoyed someone's jamming before..... i was disappointed that i couldn't help them out with the broken down double pedal...... after which i proceed on to the alley cat party.....
met up with sham, anne, razi and zizi to support zizi's brother in the street fest Emcee Freestyle battle competition...... and having to tahan razi's closet hiphop ambition...... hah! on my way home, picked joe up from thomson, and here we are..... i met the most people today.....
at the end of it all, i love where i am, what i'm doing and best of all, it's all good......cos i know, i've got a good boss......


if u guys are interested.
gigs are happening everywhere tomolo, sunday 15June.
Substation got a gig, plainsunset, 59 minutes, fishtank? (i think so)
Dyfectra's playing a show at the youth park at 7pm
Fruit's playing 2 shows at the esplanade 730pm and 9pm

i may or maynot be able to attend all, but i'm going to try.......

listening to

ILYA - Poise is the Greatest Architect
Pele - Elephant
Aloha - Sugar

new toys

Jim Dunlop - Tremelo Stereo Pan pedal
Lomo - Coloursplash Flash

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