Thursday, February 05, 2004


yet another 4am day for me...... was at su-ann's place just now, working with esmond on some work. and i didn't realise how tired i was..... was talking to su-ann about parking at my place..... and wanted to say how anal the parking here in tiong bahru is, especially it's not free parking even on weekends... and as i wanted to say "parking auntie", i didn't know why i said "tzi cha" (means cooked food in hokkien dialect)

anyways, i'm need to rest...... but before that, i've been a little bothered by the deaths that's been around lately..... one of Singapore well-known drummer , edmund branson jr. passed away yesterday morning at the age of 37. he had an heart attack...... even tho i don't exactly know him, he's death shook me alittle, especially i have friends who are quite closed to him. i've heard so much about him, and what a pity that i have never actually heard him play. it's a great lost..... and he will be remembered.......

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