Wednesday, February 04, 2004


been quite tied up lately..... like it's has never been.

first off, it was great over sunday, when some of our friends (sham, anne, ginette, nick, peishan) came over to our house and we had steamboat. ginette gave dee and myself one of her exhibited photos which was bhess... we had a "smashing" time... hur hur
but way before that, i had a terrible fall..... it was raining that day, was walking towards my car, and i didn't know what happened, i slipped and fell and got a knocked on my head. arrgghh!!! thank God it's just bruised. but my back hurt quite a fair bit...... at some point..... i have to turn my head together with my shoulders (like have stiff neck, or how sham puts it..... like batman)

anyways, everyone's excited about this weekend's shows...... plainsunset epilogue gig..... their last...... and also pension state's cd launch part 2 gig (on sunday) but i'm more looking forward to next weekend..... my only free weekend with dee... hehe.....

well, i better get back to work...... cheers

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