Saturday, March 27, 2004

fc five

well, before that, i had a great time walking about... shopping for gifts..... spending time with shima and yumi is just pure fun. almost like we really knew each other for years. but yet, there's a chance for miscommunication. there are just so many trendy things. almost full range of US vans... not like those china made ones that we've got in singapore. but cost 3 times the price.. hehe... was brought to a really cool record shop, whereby the owner gave me a welcome gift... and last night, i tried packing alittle. it's crazy... i'm not sure if i mentioned this before... but from the states, i had to already buy another bag to fit in my luggage and it's been quite packed when i came here to japan. i better watch my purchases later.

and last night, i went to a show, where FC Five was playing. cosy underground vibe. the boys are just as crazy as before. well, they were very hospitable as well. they brought me to the aftershow party (well, just another excuse for them to drink) where they book like this section of a restaurant. there were like food on the table.... sushi, fried chicken, salad and beer. the only problem i had, was shitting down... yeap... on the floor and?@tiny tables. and i really had a hard time talking to every member of fc five. likewise they had problems talking to me... haha.. classic duck/chicken thing... but i did manage to talk to someone from roadrunner records japan (wah, super old skool label if u guys don't know... hahaha...) aparantly, our dear fc fivers has a new album contract with road runner. i must say, i'm really happy for them. if i'm not sure, they have like a straight 9 day tour with Bane in april. and they should be heading to the states to tour with stretch arm strong in a couple of months. i wish them all the best.

yes! tomolo i will see u..... it's actually very fast... i can't believe that i'm going home tomolo. and almost too excited about it. then come monday, dee has a unltra-sound scan again! woohoo! and we are going to go for steamboat! yay!
baby, i'm coming home!

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