Monday, March 29, 2004

am back

yay! finally... haha... too happy to be true. i think this is the longest overseas trip i've ever taken. after 1? weeks of band madness..... then spending a few days in tokyo... it's something everyone long for i guess. i suddenly feel like one of those ancient explorers who comes home with full of stories to tell to little children. hahaha... along with wonderful gadgets or souvenirs from my trips.

well, first off. wanna thank shima and yumi who were so tolerant by letting me stay over at their place for my whole trip in tokyo. it was the greatest. the fun we had. the photos...... haha... surprisingly, i haven't got chance to really take alot of lomo of holga shots. maybe i'm just too lazy perhaps.....

i realised i lost one lot of my photos. i'm not sure how but they are gone. quite fehlup. but anyways here are the rest of the photos

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