Wednesday, March 31, 2004

march-ing on

march2004 has been just to overwhelming for me. started out launching the 3lettersessions, then rushed out some work and next thing i knew, i was in Austin Texas, chilling out with the stars. (haha) watching the bands, eating those american food... then followed by a wonderful time in Kashiwa! (not kawashi, keep getting it wrong). and now back home, rushing more work. and more work awaits!!!!!
i was just telling dee about this. just a couple of months back, i had a terrible fall, having the back off my head in a split second action smashing onto the pavement (due to rain, slippery conditions, and lousy cheapo slippers) i was stunt for awhile, and imagine this, IF i'm still in a coma after that fall, and all this are just happening in my head, just a fragment of my imagination.. just like the movie Phenomenon starring John Travolta. it's so freaky i tell u!

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