Thursday, March 18, 2004


yeah, thought i just get it straight for once.
it was nice and sunny today. started off by moving over to another friend's place to dump my luggage. yeah, this is the 3rd and final place i'm gonna be staying in.
caught quite a few austin bands today.... met up with this doode from hybribmagazine whose the main music editor. was like chatting with him all the time, and didn't know he's the main guy for that online mag. well back to the shows, i didn't know, there are like day parties.... which are free and also comes with free beer.... and sometimes free bbq.... hah!
but we still needed a wristband to like catch the shows in the evening. so... almost 20 clubs.... but tonight, i only manage to catch International Noise Conspiracy. they are just awesome man, apart from their political crap. hah!
anyways, am super tired. going to hit the sack soon.... probably update more later.

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