Friday, March 19, 2004


today's been great! not as sunny as yesterday but just as warm. say ard 24 degrees? hehe

broken social scene were just so brilliant. arrrgghhh... hope i can see them again. just so good. but just too big a band. i think the basic band's already 8 members or something.... there was one point they got a whole horns section on stage as well... was just one word... brilliant!

then i spent the rest of the afternoon at wendy's (they serve great burgers.... unhealthy looking burgers... hah!) mapping my trip, reading articles i picked up. got some hot vietnamese beef noodle soup for dinner... with Ryan(TGR's manager) and his lovely wife.... i had a great time. then... i moved on to the Parish for the Jade Tree Showcase.

boy, Despitado, Statistics, Denali, Ester Drang, Onelinedrawing, Pedro the Lion.... i manage to talk to Jonah of Onelinedrawing, cool and humble fella, his set were filled with so much energy. the 2nd guitarist was the drummer for TGR before Brian Malone took over.

I spoke to David of Pedro as well. it's been cool chatting up with them. Pedro the lion's set was just totally awesome. just so concept "dream come true".
i wish to write more but tomolo's another long day. gotta catch up with the guys from Screamfeeder, and also some of the other australian ppl. it should be fun.
i can choose to go to the Fat Wreck showcase.... featuring bands like alkaline Trio and NOFX... or i can catch Broken Social Scene again.... like on the best outdoor venue in austin... called the Stubb's.
i think i shall decided tomolo morning.. bye

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