Thursday, April 29, 2004

power english

hah! randomly, i just come across so many sentences that actually made me feel proud of my japanese friends (well, that they actually not that bad afterall)

check some of this sentences i randomly read (either from blogs or emails)

1) If you tleased please tell your friends if you think the best enjoiest please tell us

2) Dear Jeremy San, i see, keep touching thanks tony

3) We overall dissatisfaction with the hardcore scene

4) dear ling ling, i want to proposal you (this one's from glenn's personal movie)

well, i'm not dissing. just somehow thank God that we do have some speak good english programmes running around the nation. or else, we prolly end up speaking with confidence but actually all wrong. hur hur. well, not to mention, my england isn't better anyways...

keep touching
thanks johnC

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