Saturday, May 01, 2004


this song from the get up kids - matyr me... been ringing in my head all week.

tonight if you're awake at all......
tonight if you're awake

*sigh* my days are just so different without dee around me... i'm reminded to cherish my love ones. i need to visit my parents more often.
work is just piling up. every week has a brand new challenge. to fight against time. to make crucial decisions... to make sure i have enough rest. but somehow, well, i'm not blaming everyone or whatsoever, but really, sometimes, i just hope to bum into someone and hear something different, like instead of "john, you look tired." to something more positive like maybe........... i dunno, what's there to say? hah! i guess that might just help me quite abit.

anyways, i just came home from a bible study, just sense God wants me to tell all you guys this..... Jesus loves you!

ok, power!

time to sleep.

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