Thursday, February 10, 2005


i dunno why, but seems like it didn't hit me that it was CNY till last week. days are happening just so fast. jodee's 10 days before she turns 4 months. my world is just so about her now. but am so glad to have her around. we were dressing her up these few days, putting her in a "cheong sam", old skool bright red chinese dress with pink converse sneakers. (hehe courtesy of uncle sham and auntie anne, hur hur)

well, some of you may be wondering what's been going on with what i've been doing.... well, quite alot of things. well, i'm attending a leadership course that will prolly take up the whole bulk of my time. more busy with church as well. i'm also crafting some proposal for some secret project with some agency... hehe... well, awakening will be springing back maybe in april or may with some new concepts and shows which i'm totally excited about.
sorry for some I can't attend any shows at this point as well.... but my heart is with you... heh....



.sue-lynn. said...

pictures!!! photos of jodee in her cheong sam and converse plsssss...;D

heider said...

hey man.just wanna wish you gong xi fa cai!hope you'll have a fruitful time in the years ahead!