Sunday, February 20, 2005

a need to snap

arr... something i hope that might motivate me to start taking more snaps again. i haven't really realised until a friend whom recently visited me and ask me for photo albums and i have nothing recent.
apart from that, how time flies, this snap was taken in a friend's backyard while i was in Austin. and I suddenly can remember what i was doing back then, how i felt and also the weather... the freshness, the cool-ness.... hehe

well, some of my friends are coming over to my place tomorrow. they are using my place to operate their close-door flea market. hah... i was telling dee... it's time to sell away our junk as well... LOL :)


drey-drey. said...

i had a great time at the flea market! :)

litford said...

that is a great looking snap man! was it a holga?

kenyc said...

bro, just popped in to say hi. doing well, busy as but making time to chill n not plan ahead to much. hope every1 is well

johnC said...

drey : i bet you did :)

litford : that's by a LC-A

Ken : i love to chill too... heheh