Saturday, November 03, 2007

back on track

thanks for all the prayers. Jodee's finally recovered. she's as bubbly as she was. more vocal tho, somehow i reckon. but all is good.

i'm also back to my own self as well. facing the giants is a great movie. trying to rearrange the house. hooked onto scrabulous on facebook. planning a trip to bintan sometime soon and also looking forward to a japan trip in late feb 08. am still excited about all that's going on at work. and i'm addicted to running and gym-ing. hur hur...

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fries said...

hey yo. glad all is fine. haven't dropped by for the logest time. am visiting tokyo as well, but for the new year. travelling alone (on my to-do-list for the longest time!)!

may love be with u and family. :D