Tuesday, December 18, 2007

missing everyone

it was quite a night for me last saturday. firstly, it was jon hems' stag night. haha! i couldn't believe my eyes, we ordered a piece of sheep! haha... ok, it was one whole sheep or lamb... i think it could feed up to 50 people. i wondered how we managed the whole thing. i managed also to catch one song from Giants Must Fall and i thought they really sounded very good. very improved. very fun as well. can see all the fans grooving to their songs.
then i hurried down to Home Club where i was welcomed by a great troop of friends whom i hadn't met (some) for about a year! they cheered as they saw me as a transformed person. but what was greater than that was the warmth of the friendship i missed all these time. I guess some were really happy to see me as well. so i thought i hanged on till about 3am before i decided to head back home.
it's really a great night out with full of surprises.

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