Saturday, December 29, 2007

A mark of a beginning part II

i actually can't sleep. guess i hyped myself too much today! it's a long day indeed. i'm really stoked about it. more excited that Jon and Fang are finally married. and it's also the first wedding i officiated and also preached in. I do have alot more to share with them.. haha.. but i guess i still have loads of time to.
It's great meeting some older friends.. like James and Ailin (from SJSM), Ken and Jade just to name a few... well, it's been a long time since i actually meet up with them, just shows that i've been "hardworking" hahaha... nah, kidding...
I'm also truly grateful to Debbie, who has been really a great support during this time of the season, working out the details and having to take care of her kids.... THANKS DEBBIE!!!
meeting the parents of the soon-to-be primary six students have been exciting. then came the youth service. I tell you, I have never seen such great energy! I was shouting out my lungs! haha... then God touched me and I heard him say, what's impossible for me? I can only say, Nothing Lord! Nothing!!!
i had to leave early, to catch up with Jon and Fang's wedding dinner... tho i really wanna stay longer.
and now... I can't sleep... think i might just go for a run... hahaha... ok, maybe not, it's 1:40am... i'll probably do that on monday..

indeed it's a beginning! it's always a beginning... in eternal life, there's no end! hahaha.. there are always full of beginnings!!!! woohoo!

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