Tuesday, January 22, 2008

You asked for freedom...

now you've got it.

2 weeks ago, i was at my grandpa's place. he's been very sick. he was complaining to me about many things, and it finally came to one request. He told me he wanted Freedom. I explained to him that what he seeks, he will find. I also told him that even tho there's no freedom now, God will grant him the freedom in his heart. I prayed for him and in me, there was a great peace.

years ago, the doctors found some tar that were clogged up along the walls of his throat. and after some test, they found that it's throat cancer and it's already last stage. we went to pray for him, he accepted Jesus into his heart!! we were so happy. well, at least for me and dee. days later, he made a request known to my mum that he wanted to live to be able to eat his some of the food he likes. I guess God heard him and got him to live for another 2 years.

I can almost remember most of the moments i had with him. I remember how i helped him out at his fried noodles stall in Chong Pang Market year in year out during my school holidays. arrive at about 6:30am... then i'll be that busybody, selling the noodles to customers, and often get scolded by him.. haha... because he's just such a perfectionist. even packing the noodles have to be neat and tidy. then at the end of the help, he will drop me 50 cents and say, you have been a great help. (well, at least that's what i thought even tho it didn't come out like that in mandarin).
then we use to go for drives... sometimes in the night... and where he stayed was sembawang... where just planning rural during those days... and he will stop the car and say he doesn't know his way out... hahaha... i guess at about 5 years old at that time... i guess there's nothing i can do but cry... hehe...

he has always been my hero, even tho he retired years ago... he always remind me to keep fit. he walks every morning. without fail. he eats healthily. guess it's only the smoking. everything he does has too be so neat and tidy. he's a great teochew cook, but well, not quite what i like, but they do look really good.

yesterday, I dropped my mum off at the MRT at about 10am. she was on her way to my grandpa's place. and i asked her how is Grandpa, she just replied that he's on the bed, just tossing around... I prayed in my heart and asked God, "Lord, why don't you just bring him home?"
at about 12ish, my mum called me and say "Gong gong bye bye already"... I prayed actually with great joy and thanked the Lord. She was explaining to me that she reached his place at about 11am... and at 1105, he has gone back to be with our Lord. she knows that my grandpa was waiting for her. no one else got to see him taking his last and final breathe except my mum...

Grandpa, you got the ultimate freedom finally. :)
see you!

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