Friday, February 22, 2008

Day 5 and 6

Day 5 and 6 in a post. maybe a recap after all the onsen thingie.
Day 1 we arrived late. so nothing much to really do.
Day 2 we spent the whole day with Yumi mostly at Ueno just walking around, gone to the park and all... sneezing the whole day tho.
Day 3 we departed for Shima Onsen in Gunma. Spent about 6 hours traveling there. was quite happy that we are there finally. and also all those good stuff... the food and all, it cost quite abit, but it's all worth it.
Day 4 we spent time walking about, dipping in the hot springs and did nothing at night but just surfing and during dinner time, it started to snow! i guess that's the highlight of our trip.
Day 5 we dipped one last time in the hotspring while it's still snowing at about 8am. hehe... had a great breakfast at 8:30am, and packed up by 10 to catch the 1020am bus to head back to tokyo. the trip took us about 4 hours this time because of the express train we took (that explains why we rushed to get out of the onsen. we found our way to Khaosan Smile. a super cheap guesthouse in Asakusa area. it's small, very small. 2 small windows, much like a cell. hahaha... from luxurious living to a cell. but it's all for sleeping. thus, not a problem for us. we went out to Ueno again, just to spend some time in a busy area, trying to take stock of what we wanna buy or just see what's there to buy. we sat in a cafe to plan Day 6... and we that all planned out, we ended up at a sushi bar which got us all excited! really great service and all. and we tried sword fish sushi and boy, it just melts in your mouth. super good. headed back soon after and slept early, (10pm) as we have to wake up really early the next day.

Day 6
we woke up at 6am, Reached the fish market at Tsukiji and popped ourselves into a sushi bar!!! can you imagine... well, apart from just eating and eating, we are in the fish market area, in a sushi bar!?! the food is just that fresh! i bet nothing can be better than this. there was only 2 bars that had queues, we took the shorter one... drooling already... hehehe.. we didn't even check how much it cost!! haha... normal price in a sushi bar is about 150 yen in Ueno. this is about alittle more than double that. so it's still not that bad considering it's so FRESH!
straight on, we conquered shibuya, harajuku and ended in Shinjuku, all that in 3 hours. nothing really fancied us. things were pricy and we recognise that most of the things are about 20% more. but we did find a shop in Shijuku, 6 storeys of quite nice fashion (pretty much like Muji) basic but yet more street style than muji, which is about half price of Muji! but we didn't get anything as we needed to meet up with some Norwegian friend of ours for dinner. Dinner was interesting. we had Satay.. haha.. those Japanese type of course. exotic variety tho... liver, chicken heart! but i reckon, what this is to Japanese, is like Tapas to the Spanish. all sit in this tiny little shops that make you smell like the shop, have a beer, the food and a great after work conversation. we than headed off to another restaurant that serves, Nabe. which is Steamboat to us. not too bad... 880yen per person... there's crab, scallop, mushrooms... great decor as well. so nice... no carbo at last. hehehe...

anyways, we are back at Khaosan Smile now. but getting ready to leave at 7am tomorrow morning to catch a train to yoshii's place.
so good nito...

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