Tuesday, March 04, 2008


well, so, i'm back from my fantastic and wonderful trip to Japan and Hong Kong. not much to update in Hong Kong... just shop shop shop... hahaha... like we walked into H&M and just so overwhelmed by the fashion and the prices there. so that's great. infact, we actually missed the sale which happened weeks ago... but it's all good. most of the cloths we bought ranges around S$20 to S$40, and they looked fashionably great at a good price. 

as much as Tokyo has been a great vacation, both dee and I really enjoyed the hospitality and friendship we have with our Japanese friends. Those were the main highlights towards the end of the trip. we managed to live with a Japanese family, and taste what's it like in a normal day with them. the supermarket. the 6 day work week. the homemaker with 2 young kids. the daily expenses. the FOOD! haha... i came back and told myself... actually, the cost of living is quite close between Singapore and Tokyo. well, the main difference would be transportation!! hehe.. what we learnt (not sure how true) is that the starting fare for any cab is S$60. hahaha... that's ridiculous. but generally, the food is quite ok, the shopping is quite ok (just that we were heading to Hong Kong straight after, so we focus our shopping in Hong Kong which will be much cheaper definitely). well, of course, Japanese products are more expensive in Hong Kong... hehe.. 

It's been a fantastic trip. i guess both dee and I sorta got tired out alittle because of Hong Kong, guess it's because we were just wacking the streets and just stomping the shops and all... but the fine memories, the miracles, the food, the great friends, but the most important, the great companionship the both of us missed with each other. I guess we are planning our next trip already... so... hmmnn... where is my piggy bank?

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