Tuesday, April 29, 2008

everything seems so light

last saturday, i decided to just chill out at Home Club, meet up with some old friends, have a sip of green tea. Then i chatted up with one of the boys from a band, and I was like not expecting anything, so i said, "Wassup?"
and he said "Messed Up bro...." 
and i know, the Holy Spirit is just wanting to reach him. He knows the Lord. He's been ministered heavily before. just doesn't wanna commit. now that he has graduated, he's back to "what's next for me now" stage. and i do know that he knows that he needs so much of God. we spent about 2 hours talking and unveiling things. I ended up praying for him. I hope he's doing fine now. 

messed up. sounds like my house. a whole load of mess. came close to an argument with dee just talking about the things in our fridge, hur hur... but it's similar. we just store things up, pile them up... the matter of the issue is what do we store up? essentials, probably... necessity, most likely... but they keep piling... then i question the essentially and necessity. the thing is, they will turn bad after awhile. 

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Anonymous said...

Hey John!
This is Dawn Fung (createlevoyage.com etc.) I'm hoping to contact you to find out more regarding the history of CCM in singapore and I found you online..
come to think of it, I've got Deanna's email. Maybe I should use that instead..

if you can, do email me back at dawn@createlevoyage.com! cheers!