Saturday, October 11, 2008

4 hours

am at sacramento now... resting in the motel... 
i wasn't really feeling well for awhile. and this morning, i made a decision to go to the Hospital and get some tests done. so i really looked like a mess, with tubes like strapped all over me. 

so here's the bottomline... after all the test, the 4 hours of being tubed up... the doctor came back to inform me that he can't find anything wrong with my heart! i still don't feel good... but at least I do know that there's a high chance that it's not my heart!! so praise God for that. that's quite a relief... yet i need to be careful because the doctor also didn't manage to find out what's causing the pain. nonetheless, i'm alot more relieved.. thanks to all those who smsed me and also sent me messages.... very much appreciated. 

I also wanna appreciate the team, Jennifer, Charissa and Joshua... especially Jennifer.. who stayed with me at the ER all the 4 hours... we were just having fun looking at my heart rate that went as low as 39... hehehe... quite scary for awhile... well, i guess it's good to know that i have a heart rate of avg 45 at rest... what ps derek calls a athlete's heart... that's the new heart i believe!!! woohoo!!


Hannah said...

hey ps john! we were all so worried when we heard you'd been hospitalised... thankfully you're fine :) TAKE CARE, and we love you!

JohnC said...

thanks hannah... i love you guys too!!